Vertical Garden Systems


In light of the growth of our cities and the limited space for gardens planning, Paisajismo Urbano is a company dedicated to the design of vertical gardens and characterized for having a green mentality. This green philosophy originates from the passion for nature and its growing; and the will to reduce the effect of the lack of horizontal space for gardens in the cities.

The work of Ignacio Solano, expert in biology and founder of Paisajismo Urbano; and his extensive research in rainforests of all around the world over the recent years, are the basis of observation and study of interspecific processes between flora and microfauna common in the rainforest areas.

As specialists in design and creation of vertical garden systems, we strongly believe that a city with natural spaces is more attractive and is highly beneficial for both environment and citizens, because of  the company’s bio-architectural focus.

Through the work of Ignacio Solano in vertical gardening and by promoting a life full of art which interacts with people’s everyday life, we are trying to give color to gray cities and eliminate pollution and stress,

Adaptation to the environment is the key for positive survival; and Charles Darwin was aware of this in 1858. Our Vertical garden systems for facades, roofs and terraces are the lungs which will refresh and purify oxygen around us, with ecological benefits and large doses of health, color and beauty.

Vertical gardens for cities with a green heart