• 04 FEB 2013
    Green building in Colombia – Gaia B3 Hotel of Bogotá

    Green building in Colombia – Gaia B3 Hotel of Bogotá

    The B3 Hotel of Bogotá shows majestically one of the biggest vertical gardens in South America. With four hundred square meters, it has 25,000 plants, most of them local. It has been a work of species selection carried out with full concentration and research. This wonderful work of vertical gardening has been made in partnership with our new collaborators and distributors of the company called GRONCOL, in Bogotá (Colombia), and it has became a reference in the city and a signature for its owners, proprietors of the most original hotel in Colombia. The work with vertical gardens in cooperation with our students and franchisees is usual for Paisajismo Urbano. Working at vertical gardening requires a lot of hours of dedication, effort and experience, so the know how provided by Paisajismo Urbano is vital to develop this works of difficult vertical gardens.

    Work on vertical gardening

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    Green building in Colombia – Gaia B3 Hotel of Bogotá, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

    Where can i find this project?

    Client Testimonial

    It's been a total media success, not to mention the interest it has brought from tourists Carlos Quintanilla 6 June, 2012


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